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When you subscribe to's MEMBERS AREA at, you become legally bound by this Agreement. This agreement is subject to change at any time.


Subscriber agrees not to engage in advertising or solicitation of the content within MEMBERS AREA at without the written consent of All material displayed inside of the MEMBERS AREA is property of and may not be redistributed or sold to anyone. The material in the MEMBERS AREA is for the private, non-commercial enjoyment of subscribers only. Any other use is strictly prohibited.


Each monthly recurring membership to MEMBERS AREA at is charged monthly on a recurring basis for the service until you cancel. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to cancel membership prior to the renewal date. Refunds WILL NOT be issued. The Subscriber hereby authorizes my billing agents, Verotel, to charge subscriber's credit card or checking account for the recurring cost of membership. Membership may not be assigned or transferred to any other person or persons. Subscriber shall not share usercode and passcode with anyone. Subscriber agrees to promptly inform Administration of unauthorized disclosure or use of a usercode or passcode. Subscriber agrees, until Administration is notified by e-mail, the subscriber will remain liable for all unauthorized use of MEMBERS AREA via subscribers usercode and passcode. Payment for the appropriate services will be made by automatic credit card debit. These same regulations apply to One-Time Memberships as well.


Access to and use of MEMBERS AREA at is through a member usercode and passcode. Each subscriber is responsible for keeping this information confidential. In the event a member's usercode and passcode are recorded entering the Members Area with more than three (3) IP addresses, the usercode and passcode will be removed from the access files immediately by our security monitor program. Upon removal of usercode / passcode, a refund will not be issued and a the subscriber will be responsible for cancelling the membership. will not release passcodes for any reason, unless it is specifically required by law or court order. Unauthorized access to MEMBERS AREA is a breach of this Agreement, a violation of law and punishable by law. If you have lost your passcode, you may request it through Verotel


Subscription to the MEMBERS AREA at may be terminated at any time by either or the Subscriber. When termination is requested by a member, subscription fees are NOT refunded under any circumstances. A membership will be cancelled in the event that your usercode and passcode are either given to others intentionally or if your usercode and passcode are stolen. It is the subscribers responsibility to keep this information confidential. Subscribers are liable for charges incurred by them until the end of their monthly cycle. Membership may be easily cancelled HERE

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